Meet Thermo-Calc Software’s CEO

Thermo-Calc Software booth at World PM2016

Thermo-Calc Software CEO Anders Engström (right) with Hans Magnusson of Swerea KIMAB standing in the Thermo-Calc Software booth at World PM2016. We attend many conferences to get user feedback and stay connected to our customers.

This week Thermo-Calc Software is at the World PM2016 Congress and Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, and our exhibition booth is staffed by none other than our CEO, Anders Engström. As a company, we attend nearly 50 conferences each year, sending a variety of employees to events. In fact, staff from all departments have attended conferences, including marketing, software and database development and even the finance department. Continue reading

Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) Integrated into Thermo-Calc

Beginning with Thermo-Calc 2016a the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) has been integrated into Thermo-Calc, eliminating the need for users to install two separate software programs.

This integration offers a significant upgrade to the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) as it gives it all the features that were already available within Thermo-Calc, such as overlaying plots and cloning systems.

Try the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) for Free

Users who do not have a Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) license can now try the precipitation calculator for free using one of the three free kinetic demo databases automatically included in the software.

Graphical mode examples 13 and 16 are available to all users, even those without a license.

Runs on Mac and Linux OS

Now that it is integrated into Thermo-Calc, the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) is supported on several Mac and Linux operating systems. See the System Requirements for a complete list.

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DICTRA used to model changes to Ni-based superalloy during Interdiffusion

In a  paper published in the January 2016 issue of Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion , Vol. 37 No. 2 2016, the homogenization model within DICTRA together with the TCNI and MOBNI databases were used to model the interdiffusion processes in the Ni-based superalloy CMSX-10 and was shown to have good agreement with experimental values. Continue reading

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® with Thermo-Calc Used to Optimise a Nickel-based Superalloy

In a 2015 issue of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A a group at Michigan University, Department of Materials Science & Engineering used TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® in conjunction with Thermo-Calc to optimise a nickel-based alloy, resulting in a lower cost alloy with 25% improvement in properties when assessed with their utility function. Continue reading