The Softer Side of the Steel City

What better place to attend a materials science conference than the Steel City itself, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. This year Pittsburgh plays host to MS&T14, Materials Science & Technology 2014. Pittsburgh is also home to Thermo-Calc Software’s North American subsidiary, so we hope you’ll visit our booth at MS&T14 so we can warmly welcome you to our city.

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The Rise of a Star

We have all faced failure in our lives. We are taught to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and move on to something new. But what if the biggest failure of your life was actually your biggest success. You can’t move on because you know you’re right, yet no one else believes you. In fact, you’re openly mocked by your peers, ostracised by the scientific community and told by your group leader that you’re a disgrace.  Continue reading

Laying the foundations for ICME in beautiful Rolduc Abbey

Last week, the 1st International Workshop on Software Solutions for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)  took place in the beautiful Rolduc Abbey in the Netherlands, right by the border to Germany. The more than 150 participants included our CEO Anders Engström and Qing Chen, head of database development at Thermo-Calc.

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1st Int. Workshop

on Software Solutions for ICME, Aachen/Rulduc, June 24th to 27th, 2014.

In spite of ICME currently emerging as a new and powerful discipline, coupling of different software tools is still in its infancy and represents a major issue consuming significant effort in terms of time and workforce if a coupling is realized at all.

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