Thermo-Calc Cited Over 1000 Times in 2015

An in-depth review of the 2015 literature found that Thermo-Calc Software products were cited over 1000 times in journals, conference papers, university theses, book chapters and patent applications in fields as diverse as dentistry, fuel cells, microelectronics, welding, joining, casting, corrosion, nuclear energy, ceramics and nickel- and steel-related industries (just to name a few). Continue reading

Thermo-Calc Software Changes Naming System

Thermo-Calc Software have updated the naming system used for our software releases.

Beginning with the spring 2015 release, the software releases will be named after the year of the release rather than the number of releases. The year will then be followed by an “a” for the first release of the year or a “b” for the second release of the year. For example, this upcoming Thermo-Calc release will be known as Thermo-Calc 2015a rather than Thermo-Calc 5.0.

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