Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) Integrated into Thermo-Calc

Beginning with Thermo-Calc 2016a the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) has been integrated into Thermo-Calc, eliminating the need for users to install two separate software programs.

This integration offers a significant upgrade to the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) as it gives it all the features that were already available within Thermo-Calc, such as overlaying plots and cloning systems.

Try the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) for Free

Users who do not have a Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) license can now try the precipitation calculator for free using one of the three free kinetic demo databases automatically included in the software.

Graphical mode examples 13 and 16 are available to all users, even those without a license.

Runs on Mac and Linux OS

Now that it is integrated into Thermo-Calc, the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) is supported on several Mac and Linux operating systems. See the System Requirements for a complete list.

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Thermo-Calc Software Changes Naming System

Thermo-Calc Software have updated the naming system used for our software releases.

Beginning with the spring 2015 release, the software releases will be named after the year of the release rather than the number of releases. The year will then be followed by an “a” for the first release of the year or a “b” for the second release of the year. For example, this upcoming Thermo-Calc release will be known as Thermo-Calc 2015a rather than Thermo-Calc 5.0.

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Thermo-Calc 2015a Release Preview

Thermo-Calc 2015a Preview

Thermo-Calc Software is on track to release Thermo-Calc 2015a late spring / early summer 2015. The release includes several improvements to plotting, including LaTeX integrations, a new database, an automatic updates feature as well as two new additions for advanced users.  Continue reading

TC-PRISMA Publication Presents New Model

A publication by Q. Chen et al., in the December issue of the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance presents a model using TC-PRISMA that correctly predicts the chemical and thermal conditions for mono- and bimodal distributions of M7C3 precipitates in Fe-Cr-C alloy and γ’ precipitates in Ni-Al-Cr alloy, further demonstrating the program’s value for designing alloy chemistry and heat treatment. Continue reading

Thermo-Calc 4.1 Release

Thermo-Calc 4.1 release

Thermo-Calc Software are excited to announce the release of our latest software, which includes:

  • the new version 4.1 of Thermo-Calc
  • a new silicon mobility database, MOBSI1
  • updates to three other databases – TCNI7, MOBNI3 and TCSI1
  • the new version 9.1 of the TQ-Interface Software Development Kit
  • the new version 7.1 of the TC-API Software Development Kit
  • the new version 7.1 of the TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® Software Development Kit

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