Thermo-Calc Software and TCHEA Databases Prove Part of Research Successes at High Entropy Materials Workshop

As the third International Workshop on High Entropy Materials was organized by the Department of Materials Science & Engineering in Kanpur India, three weeks ago, Thermo-Calc software and TCHEA databases enjoyed a host of references to the opportunities created by computerized applications. At a vibrant and compelling gathering of great minds, Bhanu Prasad Babburi, Director at Bhanu Scientific Systems and the Thermo-Calc Software agent for India, participated.

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Thermo-Calc 2015a Release Preview

Thermo-Calc 2015a Preview

Thermo-Calc Software is on track to release Thermo-Calc 2015a late spring / early summer 2015. The release includes several improvements to plotting, including LaTeX integrations, a new database, an automatic updates feature as well as two new additions for advanced users.  Continue reading

At the Centre: Hero-m

Professor Annika Borgenstam, Director of the Hero-m Centre

Professor Annika Borgenstam, Director of the Hero-m Centre

Generally when you think of designing a new material or improving an already
existing one, you imagine changing something you can touch, see and feel. But researchers at the Hero-m Centre at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, are thinking smaller, much smaller. Researchers at the centre are approaching materials design from an atomic level. Continue reading