The Diffusion module (DICTRA) Now Available in the Graphical Mode

The Diffusion module (DICTRA), the software program for accurate simulation of diffusion controlled reactions in multicomponent alloy systems, is now available in the graphical mode beginning with Thermo-Calc 2017a, making it easier than ever for users to begin making diffusion simulations. 


The new graphical mode comes complete with four examples and a Quick Start Guide to help users begin working in the module immediately.

Users without a DICTRA license can test the module using the DEMO databases included in their software.

The console mode version of the Diffusion module (DICTRA) will continue to be available and there are no plans to remove it from the software.


Learn more about the new graphical mode version of the Diffusion module (DICTRA) by watching the examples videos above or reading the Thermo-Calc 2017a release notes.